These lung props are made of latex and soft foam or hollow silicone.

Blackened Smoker lung available!
A set of the heathly lungs were used as a prop on [as] (Adult Swim)
The length of each lung is 4x10"

Turn around time: 7-10 days once the order is placed


  • To remove blood, gently wash prop in lukewarm water.
    Once slime is removed set prop on paper towels to air dry.
    This method also works if prop starts to get dust on the surface.

    The slime component my shop uses is waterbased,
    if exposed to air for a long duration of time it will evaporate/dry 

  •    The seperate blood provided is a type of perment paint.

    It dries to a glossy/wet finish and holds its color.

       Shake well before use as product may settle.

    Please use gloves provided as it does stain skin.

    In case of skin contact wash area with soap and water.